Безмълвно сърце 2014

Three generations of a family coming together over a weekend. A sick mother's wish to die before her disease worsens gets harder to handle as old conflicts come to the surface.

All Titles
  • DK: Stille hjerte Stille hjerte
  • AR: Corazón silencioso Corazón silencioso
  • BR: Coração Mudo Coração Mudo
  • CO: Corazón Silencioso Corazón Silencioso
  • CO: Corazón silencioso Corazón silencioso
  • EU: Silent Heart Silent Heart
  • DE: Silent Heart - Mein Leben gehört mir Silent Heart - Mein Leben gehört mir
  • HU: Csendes szív Csendes szív
  • HU: Néma szív Néma szív
  • RO: Cu inima impacata Cu inima impacata
  • RU: Тихое сердце Тихое сердце
  • ES: Corazón silencioso Corazón silencioso
  • SE: Stilla hjärta Stilla hjärta
  • UA: Тихе серце Тихе серце
  • DK: Silent Heart Silent Heart
Directed by Bille August
Artists Jens Albinus
as Michael
Vigga Bro
as Lisbeth
Morten Grunwald
as Poul
Release date 24 Mar 2016
Genre Drama
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