Всемогъщият Брус 2003

A guy who complains about God too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it is to run the world.

All Titles
  • US: Bruce Almighty Bruce Almighty
  • AR: Todopoderoso Todopoderoso
  • AU: The Title of this Motion Picture is None of Your Buisness The Title of this Motion Picture is None of Your Buisness
  • AT: Bruce Allmächtig Bruce Allmächtig
  • BR: Todo Poderoso Todo Poderoso
  • CA: Bruce le tout-puissant Bruce le tout-puissant
  • CO: Todopoderoso Todopoderoso
  • HR: Svemogući Bruce Svemogući Bruce
  • CZ: Božský Bruce Božský Bruce
  • DK: Bruce den almægtige Bruce den almægtige
  • EE: Kõikvõimas Bruce Kõikvõimas Bruce
  • FI: Bruce - taivaanlahja Bruce - taivaanlahja
  • FR: Bruce tout-puissant Bruce tout-puissant
  • DE: Bruce Allmächtig Bruce Allmächtig
  • GR: Theos gia mia evdomada Theos gia mia evdomada
  • GR: Θεός για μια εβδομάδα Θεός για μια εβδομάδα
  • HU: A minden6ó A minden6ó
  • IL: Bruce Ha-Gadol M'Kulam Bruce Ha-Gadol M'Kulam
  • IT: Una settimana da Dio Una settimana da Dio
  • LT: Briusas Visagalis Briusas Visagalis
  • MX: Todopoderoso Todopoderoso
  • PL: Bruce Wszechmogacy Bruce Wszechmogacy
  • PT: Bruce, o Todo-Poderoso Bruce, o Todo-Poderoso
  • RO: Dumnezeu pentru o zi Dumnezeu pentru o zi
  • RU: Брюс всемогущий Брюс всемогущий
  • RS: Svemogući Brus Svemogući Brus
  • SI: Vsemogocni Bruce Vsemogocni Bruce
  • ES: Como Dios Como Dios
  • SE: Bruce den allsmäktige Bruce den allsmäktige
  • TR: Aman tanrim! Aman tanrim!
  • UA: Брюс Всемогутнiй Брюс Всемогутнiй
  • US: Bruce Almighty Bruce Almighty
Directed by Tom Shadyac show all movies of Tom Shadyac
Artists Jennifer Aniston
as Grace Connelly
Jim Carrey
as Bruce Nolan
Morgan Freeman
as God
Release date 23 May 2003
Genre Comedy Drama Fantasy
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